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A movement that is either asking for the end of pop, or perhaps it is pop for the end of the world? I don't know, but endpop is also me. It is not a label more than it is a concept in my heart.


I am a reasonable person. However, I have seen things which lead me to believe this world around us is a construct. As such, such a matrix can be malleable by us. You need to understand this, or you may ignore it. But, does that change that it could be possible?


I had little to zero interest in music or sound. That is of course, until the drowning. That changed everything. That was the first vision, the first cause. My brain may have been damaged, perhaps. That does not alter the fact that I began to really see, though...


We are all phygital in nature. We believe that which is pixel is not, but as we move closer into these worlds, we see how similar they truly are. Question is, can you smell a rose in a pixel world? Or taste a kiss? I love texture.

Liquid Rubber

The work evolves. All of it. Music and sound must coexist in my heart or I perish. But even if I perish, does the work continue without me? Liquid Rubber, Dust, Plastics, Pixels... Are there any more questions?

That which is imagined need never be lost. 300 27 3 1