What if a portal opened and an artifact popped out that contained unheard remixes and newly mastered demos from Hope and Worth as one EP? Well. I suppose you can say it happened. Because there it is. A record and a CD. Better get them while you can because more than 150 of the 200 records endpop pressed on translucent red vinyl are all but gone. This is why checking in on the Abox Bandcamp is such a good idea. Follow me there! It’s free to follow, and the perks are going to get better.    

We suppose that maybe you should be clued in to the idea that the CD version on the way (limited to 300 signed copies) is also limited. The compact disc contains and extra bonus track that’s not on Bandcamp, as well as the two tracks that did not fit on the vinyl record. Here’s a peek…

HOPE 30th Anniversary Book (nearly sold out)

The 2nd Edition of Hope’s 30th Anniversary celebrated in a hard-cover, 46 page book with never-before seen art, photographs, and alternate covers is now… NEARLY SOLD OUT.  Presently there are around 70 of them left (we are terrible at counting), so if you have not ordered your copy, you are missing the f$#@! out. Seriously. And, as crazy as it sounds, there is still a book among the stock that has hand-drawn elements on the back page that’s not been found yet. And the NFTs have not been minted either. 

You get 46 pages as a 8×8 Hard cover, and it comes with a 24bit version of the album in different formats. The book features alternate album cover art, the lyrics, old photos, art, and a backup CD. And yes, it is signed. Don’t sit this one out. We cannot promise a third printing. There’s other portals opening. 

Merch is alive again. You can get it here.

There a few of these 12″ still available from Jerseywave Records… What you missed that too? Truth is, we cannot go where the major labels go with adverts and whatnot. So this is the best option. HERE. NOW. I hope this A.I. explanation helps. Just kidding, there are not robots writing this shit, and you would not know it if there were. Or would you?

Did you know? You can also get a copy right now by visiting JerseyWave! Each copy has a personalized NFT that you can collect. Find out how this works ahead of time!

Meanwhile though… There is this…

Did you know? Claude S. (endpop) does visual art. You did know that, right? 100 percent of all the cover art, T-shirt designs and whatnot were designed by endpop. During the 2020 lockdown… Claude S. began to use the moniker endpop (seldom with capital letters) as his arthouse, digital name, or whatever the fuck it is supposed to be. We do not know. Ask him.  And while you are at it… This face means something is coming… Something is coming. Something.