Distances is an album by Claude S. of Anything Box. Available now!
about endpop.co
endpop is not really a label. That's why I never capitalize the word. It's an expression of thought. It's a time portal. endpop is the logos of my creativity. You activate the portal by playing the music, and the energy to keep the portal open is your support of the art.

Not everyone gets the music of Anything Box, The Diary, and Claude (that's me). But that in of itself does not matter. I am who I am, and this is my world. And YOU, yes you, are welcome here. You belong.

Connect the dots
Distances by Claude S. (Available on CD)
Elektrodelica by Anything Box
Separate by The Diary (Available on CD)
Seven Sleepless Nights by The Diary
Nineteen by Anything Box
The Universe is Expanding by Anything Box
The Effects of Stereo TV by Anything Box (available on CD)
Hope by Anything Box
Worth by Anything Box
Recovered by Anything Box
Future Past by Anything Box (Available on CD)
Page One by The Diary
100% Air Friendly by Anything Box

You can get everything from the endpop collection on Amazon

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