I’ve been getting a bit of extra DMs, emails, etc. about the Free NFT that will be dropped with the Dead Stars 12″. So if you came here expecting to find it, or claim it… You have to understand that the only way to claim this NFT is when you certify your 12″ or the CD. There will be no public posting of the link here by me because that’s the deal I made with the label.

When you get your 12″, there will be a way to certify your record, and all the secrets of the universe will be revealed to you. And if you did scan the 12″ and you wound up here… You did not scan the right ‘item’ just yet.

Remember, there are only 300 of these 12″ EPs and CDs, and each will enable you to grab a 4K NFT of the cover, adding value to the music and the physical piece you’ve collected.

But there’s more to it than that. Soon enough, I will reveal something else that will happen after all the Free NFTs on WAX are claimed. The journey starts with the 12″ or the CD. Remember this clue… 300.27.3.1

Good luck! 🙂